Will drinking water help you lose weight? This is exactly what we will be answering in this article.

Every one of us must have heard how water is considered crucial for leading a healthy lifestyle due to its endless benefits, starting with cushioning the brain, to boosting skin-health, lubricating the joints, helping with digestion, reducing the chances of hangover, and many more.

While stating that “water can help you lose weight” sounds too good to be true, I decided to share with you some of the knowledge I gained during my Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy that can back this statement.

For years, I was taught that water is essential for fat burning since it forms the first step (scientifically referred to as Hydrolysis) in the cycle of metabolizing stored fats or carbs (lipolysis). Another major role that water plays in our bodies is helping to remove waste. Because dehydration prohibits kidneys from filtering toxins, which leads to retaining waste and fluids inside our organisms.

While these are only some of the benefits of water, a topic that we can discuss for hours, we decided to give you the key habits that will help you benefit from all these scientifically proven theories, and start seeing the difference in your weight.

The Secret


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For many of us when it comes to obtaining new habits it is much simpler to follow certain highlights at the beginning to help our minds adjust to them and turn them into automatic actions and routines.

Our goal in this article is to provide you with some simple steps wherein by following them for a couple of weeks, they will turn into a lifestyle and by that you will be on the right track into a healthier life and faster weight-loss.

Now let the magic begin!

1. Always Carry A Water Bottle

Let’s agree that this step will definitely help you consume more water since it makes it much more accessible, and for that you will need to own a reusable bottle, that you can refill each time it finishes and take it with wherever you go, the goal here is to stay hydrated from the moment you wake up, till you go to bed, and the key to knowing that you’re doing this step correctly is by counting the amount of times you refill this bottle of yours, so let’s say you own the medium size bottle (750 ml) in this case you need to refill it a minimum of 4 times a day to get the least hydration needed for your body, and this also depends on the weather and the activity you’re doing that day! And remember that the more times you refill your bottle the more weight loss you will get to see eventually.

Another way to know if you’re drinking enough is by ensuring that you don’t drink water due to thirst at any point in the day. You are supposed to drink from your bottle frequently enough that your body does not give you the “thirst” signal. If you feel thirsty, it is too late already!

To help you find a good bottle to use you follow this link to get all the information you need about reusable water bottles and which one would be the best for you https://bestwaterbottlez.com/different-types-of-water-bottles-which-to-choose/

2. Drink Before Meals

I first heard about this theory when my mom used to drink a big glass of water every time before we all sit to eat and she always had this amazing figure and perfect skin regardless of her age. This theory goes way back in time and has helped so many people lose weight.

The explanation is very simple; drinking water before a meal makes you feel full and prevents you from overeating, so it’s considered an appetite suppressant, in other words it is like filling part of your stomach with something that actually doesn’t make you add on weight instead of filling the whole space with calories and fats.

3. Drink Less Calorie-Filled Drinks

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The wisdom behind this advice comes from lowering you sugar intake, and the ideal situation would be replacing each calorie-filled drink with a similar amount of water, and by calorie-filled drinks we mean, soda and sweetened juices.

You can also easily achieve this by getting used to drinking detox water sometimes, which is a very good alternative for any calorie-filled drinks, and in fact also helps you get rid of the extra weight instead of gaining it.

4. Drink More Water During Exercise

Even though we are stating that drinking more water will help you lose weight, we cannot say that on its own will get you to the exact weight you have in mind, the ideal combination would be drinking lots of water plus EXERCISE!

So many scientists concluded that consuming more water will enhance your performance during exercise and that water is actually considered a performance booster, on the other side dehydration is considered the main reason for tiredness and laziness that could reduce your workout intensity.

5. Check Your Urine

This is more of a tip for you to know how you’re doing after applying all the other advices we gave you, and it is a very easy habit to follow.

The color of your urine can indicate your level of hydration. Clear urine means you are doing well, and dark yellow urine is a sign that you are dehydrated.

So next time just before you flush have a look at the color of your urine and if it was somewhat dark just drink a whole bottle of water immediately!

6. Drink Cold Temperature Water

This is a very interesting idea and it is kind of surprising how the temperature of water will be the reason for you to lose even more weight! This means that consuming cold water, and even better, ICE COLD, is going to help you burn more calories since your body has to work hard to heat it up which leads to calorie consumption. Basically, it boosts your metabolism leading to faster weight loss. So next summer when it gets hot don’t forget to stack your fridge with bottles of water to stay refreshed and hydrated.

7. Keep A Bottle Of Water By Your Bed

How many of us wake up at night suffering from a headache or having a dry scratchy throat, especially in the winter! This can be solved by keeping some water by your side at night to drink from before sleeping, as well as a large portion once you wake up.

This will also lead to bigger water consumption, which will eventually help in weight loss.

How Much Water Is Enough

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The sufficient amount of water for each one of us depends on many factors, including age, gender, activity, the climate you live in, health status, body size. Based on that we can estimate how much water you should consume. However; the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in the United States recommends:

· 2,700 mL/day for women Equal to 12 cups a day.

· 3,700 mL/day for men Equal to 15 cups a day.

Eventually we want you to know that our goal is to set you on the right track that will eventually lead you to a healthier lifestyle, where hydration is essential and exercising becomes a regular habit. That’s when losing weight will be no longer the goal, but instead you’ll be maintaining your ideal weight while living well.


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I was very interested to read about the ice-cold water boosting the metabolism and burning more calories, awesome!

Another great reminder I read: we want to EAT our calories, NOT drink them!!

Great info, I loved the pro and con lists for the water bottles, thanks!

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